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Tips - Contractor and Contracts

Contractor and Contracts

Selecting Contractors and Written Contracts

Selecting your paving contractor is your second most important decision. Get multiple bids and customer references from at least two reliable contractors.

Make No Verbal Contracts.

Discuss pavement thickness, drainage and soil conditions, grade (slope), subgrade preparation (including chemical spraying to prevent weed growth), compacting the pavement to the specified thickness, smoothness tolerances, patching and compacting holes and other trouble spots in existing pavement, returning your yard to its pre-construction condition, payment schedule, and warranties and guarantees.

In existing driveways, poor drainage or gas spills can cause bad spots that may need to be patched before re-surfacing. To prevent further damage, determine and address those problems before patching.

Insist that your agreement be in writing, including all the details and your specifications. Be sure to indicate what type of vehicles will use your driveway or parking lot.

Changes that you and the contractor agree upon, after signing your original contract, should be in writing and signed by both parties.