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Tips - Asphalt Paving Facts

Asphalt Paving Facts

Hot Mix Asphalt is your best choice! By selecting Hot Mix Asphalt, you have chosen America's favorite paving material. More than 93% of the paved surfaces in America are asphalt pavements.

Hot Mix Asphalt is a mixture of aggregate (stone or sand) and liquid petroleum asphalt. The hot petroleum binds the aggregate together into an extremely durable pavement. Hot Mix Asphalt is your best choice for several reasons.

The price/cost of Hot Mix Asphalt pavement is competitively based and is directly dependent upon the overall price/cost of oil. So if oil prices are high or increasing the price of asphalt will be high too. With this in mind, if you already have an asphalt parking lot or driveway, it makes it that much more important financially to preserve your investment with good and timely maintenance (patching, crack-filling and especially sealcoating).

The flexibility of Hot Mix Asphalt pavement allows it to be easily formed to various terrain features.

Hot Mix Asphalt pavement does not require a long curing time. You can drive on it relatively soon after it is placed.

Hot Mix Asphalt resists frost-freeze actions that cause cracks in other pavements.

In addition to driveways and parking lots, Hot Mix Asphalt mixtures may be formulated for special purposes such as for driveways, roads, bike paths, retention basins, sidewalks, and tennis courts.